The Sweetness Of Apples

I’m a changer. I like to shift, and when the season changes I roll along with it. My fashion, my menu, my merchandise in the Mercantile, and my energy. 

Fall means I slip back into me on a deeper level. After the summer where my life is focused on the outside, I welcome changes that come with shorter days and the need to snuggle up more. I fall into a more introspective place and the softer light of autumn illuminates a different point of view, allowing me to expand from the inside out. 

My menu in Pinewood supports these changes as the food is slower cooked and the veggies are rooted and roasted.  I wholeheartedly believe that nature provides different foods during different seasons to not only support our wellness but our moods. 

Gone are the days of freshly grown strawberries, and all the blueberries have been plucked. What we didn’t use we have frozen to make jam, we now sell online. Or we put them up in the freezer for a mid-winter blueberry cake when we need that brightness of summer to pull us through darkened days of winter.   

The thrilling arrival of new seasonal produce keeps us from looking back, and right now it’s all about the apples. 

We bake them - topped with pecans and our pinewood farms honey. We fry them - Country Skillet fried apples with coconut oil served with pork tenderloin. When our apples are in great abundance, I fold them into creamy squash and sweet potato soups, adding a bright tangy sweetness. They are insanely good roasted with turnips, carrots and rutabagas.  

Miss Tina is always super busy rolling out the dough for her infamous handmade-to-order crispy apple fried pies drizzled with vegan caramel sauce.  These babies are for everyone as they are gluten-free, vegan, organic & downright delicious.  
Come see me in Pinewood for a fry pie and then take a walk across town to our cute little mercantile.  You can take home a super cute sweatshirt like I’m wearing and one of our gorgeous jars of jam. 

The recipe for the infamous crispy apple fried pies (along with many other crazy delicious, inflammation reducing foods) can be found in my cookbook


Shop my farm fashion faves below. Just so you know, these are affiliate links so if you make a purchase, I would make a small commission. But whether you do or not, I appreciate you taking the time to read! 

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Diann Pierce

My family and i had the honor oF eating at the Pinewood Kitchen a couple of weeks ago. It was an EXPERIENCE like i had never had before. My whole family loved their meal but probably not as much as i did. I had your amazing carrot weiner and had the privilEge of telling you personally how much i enjoyed it. I wIsH i didnt live So far away in Eastern North Carolina. i would be a regular at your RESTAURANT. You and your food are mighty special!

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