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It is with heavy heart that we have decided to close Pinewood Kitchen & Mercantile permanently.

Love & Gratitude,

Mee McCormick and the Pinewood Team

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Our Story

Located just 45 minutes outside of Nashville, Pinewood Kitchen & Mercantile is an organic farm, restaurant and general store run by chef Mee McCormick and her husband, rancher and farmer Lee McCormick. Pinewood Kitchen is more than just farm to table, it’s a table on the farm that serves up Southern comfort food made from fresh, organic ingredients free of GMOs, pesticides and other harmful additives and preservatives.

Bringing people together around the table through food inclusivity, education and community.

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Mee McCormick is a rising Southern culinary and wellness innovator, restaurateur, author, TV cooking personality, farmer, rancher, wife, and mother. She has forged the way for a new kind of hospitality: a fully-inclusive table where everyone can eat delicious Southern comfort classics without sacrificing taste, regardless of even the most severe food allergies or dietary restrictions.

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