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Mee McCormick is a Real Food rock star. She’s a writer, restaurateur, TV cooking personality, farmer, rancher, wife and mother. Wellness and positivity are promoted in every aspect of her life, whether it is through her book, My Kitchen Cure, or her contributing segments on Today In Nashville – Mee Inspires others to participate in their wellness physically, emotionally & spiritually.

In what was once a food desert, she and her husband Lee, created Pinewood Farms where they grow bio-dynamic produce, raise grass fed – grass finished beef, and pasture wood raised pork. Mee believes in building community through food and provides nutritional education and nourishing meals at her farm-to-table restaurant, Pinewood Kitchen & Mercantile located on Pinewood Farms 45 minutes west of downtown Nashville. No one goes hungry under Mee’s watch as she feeds everyone in the
community regardless of their ability to pay.

Mee McCormick doesn’t believe there is one food path to wellness and she recognizes that we all have different needs and desires. In Pinewood this inclusive belief system makes for an amazing spread of gorgeous food. Mee’s expansive food point-of-view combines her classical French training, down-home American cooking, vegetarian, macrobiotic, vegan, paleo, keto, food allergy training and clean eating, with a deep understanding through her own personal experience. Digestive disease has been a part of Mee’s story as her mother suffered from this affliction her entire adult life and died at the age of 39. When Mee was 25 she too fell ill with a debilitating digestive disease and she was determined to change her life’s outcome. Mee cooked her way to wellness,
changing her plate and changing her fate.

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From immune-boosting smoothies to gut-friendly soups, salads, dinners, and desserts, this four-color cookbook will become your go-to kitchen resource, freeing you from bland-tasting healthy food and the nightly question: “What’s for dinner?”

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The Reviews are In!

"I believe in Mee's mission to heal ourselves through great food. I have been fortunate enough to have eaten at some pretty great restaurants, but I can honestly say some of the best meals I have ever eaten have been at Pinewood Kitchen." 

Dierks Bentley, Country Music Singer and Three-Time CMA Nominee

"It is entirely possible that Mee McCormick is the coolest person on the planet. Who else could write a cookbook so inspiring, so informative, and so much fun that it’s almost impossible to put down?  We all want to live well and give our families joy, health, and connection. That’s what Pinewood is all about. Bringing a community to life in a way that heals the heart, honors the land, and helps us remember that life is a beautiful gift."

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., New York Times Bestselling Author

“Fresh, fresh, fresh! The recipes in this gorgeous cookbook are all fantastic. Everything is simple, beautiful, and fresh. This is more than a cookbook though, it is a lifestyle. Mee explains her life story, battle with gluten, and how she has cured her digestive issues over time. Even if you aren’t interested in a gluten-free lifestyle, this book would still be an amazing edition to a home library. Gorgeous pictures and a very unique family!”

Kelly Faysash

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Order Mee’s new book, My Pinewood Kitchen: A Southern Culinary Cure. It’s microbiome-friendly meals with a Southern spin in this follow-up cookbook to the life-enhancing My Kitchen Cure so you can heal your gut and fight a host of autoimmune diseases while enjoying 130+ delicious whole foods recipes with a farm house spin.

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